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November 2015

Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention


Women in Mining (WIM) - MANITOBA

"Breaking Ground"


Women In Mining-Manitoba (WIM) was created to bring a greater appreciation of the value of those individuals entering and/or established in Manitoba's mining industry.

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Canada’s First Woman Prospector...
Kathleen (Kate) Rice (1882-1963)
Frontier Adventurer. Mineral Explorer. Trailblazer.

Description: Kate Rice-young prospector WIM Manitoba has joined with the Town of Snow Lake to bring important attention to one of Canada and Manitoba's most outstanding women of distinction in mining history, an unsung heroine of remarkable courage who helped forge a rich mineral exploration legacy –

Kate Rice...

A frontier adventurer, explorer and trailblazer, Kate Rice became the 2012 focus of a nomination process that could see Kate finally coming into her own as an inductee into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame. The process is underway. WIM Manitoba received 15 endorsement letters in support of the Kate Rice nomination. Although the nomination wasn’t ‘won’ in 2012, it marked an important step forward in letting 21st Canadians know about Kate’s important efforts in her time which continue to be meaningful today.

“The nomination process underscored our strong commitment at WIM to help profile and recognize the achievements of women in non-traditional careers,” says MaryAnn Mihychuk, President, WIM Manitoba, adding, “We’re moving ahead and will continue to make the case for Kate to received much-deserved and long overdue recognition for her extensive exploration work, discoveries, and achievements as Canada's First Woman Prospector. ”



A ‘Kate Rice’ Snapshot

Kate grew up in a stately and upper middle class family home in St. Mary's, Ontario, so you might well ask, why leave it all behind? For Kate Rice, the answer was easy – adventure! The thrill of exploration took hold of Kate early, around the age of six when her father taught her to canoe and camp. Kate loved the outdoors, and although her acumen for math and science promised a successful teaching career, Kate followed a 'call' that led her to launch out as a young woman into the uncertain life of exploring and staking mineral claims in Manitoba's rugged north. Kate's plans probably caused some raised eyebrows in 'polite society' back home, but Kate set out with confidence. A woman ahead of her time, Kate embraced the challenges of frontier life, put down roots in the Snow Lake area, spent most of her life in the bush, and was unafraid to call uncharted territory 'home'. Kate's skills in exploration, mapping and prospecting paid off. Kate's key mineral discovery was Wekusko Nickel-Rice Island play which was worth an estimated $5-million at the time. Today, Wekusko remains an important holding for the international mining company, Vale, and is valued at over $54-million.

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